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Claire Bartlett

BA(Hons) Creative Arts


After helping set up a community arts Centre in the 70`s I took my degree at Newcastle upon Tyne and worked as a Community Artist for many years.


Among other projects, I designed for theatre companies, made giant structures with Welfare State International and made Bunraku puppets with Puppets and People, while also working in the community with youth groups, young offenders and schools in Visual and Performing Art.


I am using watercolour techniques, monoprints and mixed media to explore images that you see in my work - to tell a story, to explore our inner world and to celebrate the colour and diversity of life. I like to explore new ways to make art, and new materials.


I live on the Essex coast with a horde of rescue dogs. I still teach occasionally and run a small art group. (I am hoping to resume this after lockdown.)

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