Jane Pilcher

Inspired by Beauty

I am an enthusiastic artist and have been living in Warfield for the last 5 years returning there after 21 years living in the South of France where we spent some time renovating an old watermill.  After completing that project, I then needed an outlet for my creativity so took up painting. My inspiration came from the stunning beauty of the landscape around us and I became influenced by the many famous artists who chose that region in which to paint and live.

I am passionate about my work which is on the borders of abstraction and realism. Working principally from my imagination I explore abstract shapes, shadows and textures that are created by lots of water on the canvas, even using those happy accidents – and waiting for the painting to ‘sing to me’!

I love experimenting using many different mediums which may include oil, water or egg, mixed with natural powdered pigments, some found on my travels, such as walnut powder and ochres from France, a blue pigment from India, spices from Africa and red leather dye from Morocco. I frequently work on a metallic background. The spontaneity of these combined with conventional water colours and acrylics provide an endless source of fun and surprise.

Recently I have been inspired to produce a more abstract approach to my love of flowers and organic shapes and have been particularly influenced by the Aboriginal art in Australia, where we have visited family a number of times. A holiday in Mauritius provided me with another source of inspiration found in the lush tropical  vegetation of the Island.

Nature never disappoints.