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Lize Kruger

My art is mostly focused on Life, Death, Grief, Hope and Injustice. Subject matters that people choose to avoid. I sometimes have to dig deep into my own psyche, there where I buried pain, destruction, shock, disbelief and numbness as a reaction to what Life throws at me as a human being.


It gives me the key to access those memories that I’ve buried into the crevises of my being, so that I can manage to function in a new way. By giving structure, adding and then subtracting or destroying some of it, I sometimes find the meaning and message I want to convey.


Life is complex and even more so human nature, experience and emotions. Art is my language to communicate and convey metaphors and symbols to put devastating emotions and situations on paper. By doing that I aspire to challenge my audience to face their own inner world, confront their fears and embrace Life.


I find beauty in the sculptural structure that keeps living beings together and holds it up - like the skeleton. Flowers, birds, skulls, bones, organs, are all elements that will constantly appear in my work.

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